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  After graduating in FashionDesign in 1993, Barbara Sordi began to work in Fashion. Since then, she hasbeen working as a fashion designer and illustrator for many Italian andinternational style offices and clothing companies such as: Tamigi, EnricaMassei, Marina Spadafora, Maurizio Baldassari, Mulberry, Siport, MiroglioVestebene, Coin, La Rinascente, Eric Way, Musani, Lafayette 148, and Castor.Barbara Sordi has matured significant experience within womenswear design(regular and plus collections) and knitwear design. She also has a strongbackground in trend forecasting (trends, textile view, Pantone), illustrationand journalism (Vogue Encyclo, Focus)。 She joined the teaching staff ofAccademia del Lusso in 2008 as tutor of Fashion Design, Collection Planning,Merchandising and History of Fashion. In 2015 she took over as Head of theTeaching Staff in Milan.

  1993年毕业于时尚设计专业,芭芭拉。索尔迪就开始了在时尚领域的职业生涯。从那时起,她在许多意大利和国际造型公司担任过时尚设计师和插画师,比如Tamigi, Enrica Massei, Marina Spadafora, Maurizio Baldassari,Mulberry, Siport, Miroflio Vestebene, Coin, La Rinascente, Eric Way, Musani,Lafayette 148和Castor.芭芭拉。索尔迪在女装(普通系列及特典)和针织品设计方面尤其经验丰富。另外她在时尚趋势预测(趋势、纺织材料、颜色)、插画、时尚刊物(Vogue Encyclo、 Focus)方面也有工作背景。2008年她加入了卢索服装学院的教师队伍,主要教授时尚设计、时尚系列策划、销售、时尚史课程。2015年起担任米兰校区教学主任。


  Following his experiences ineducation and teaching, for over 15 years Stefano Sacchi has been involved inplanning, production processes, marketing, merchandising, licensing, andco-branding. He was formally the CEO of Giuliano Fujiwara, an international brandassociated with the Camera della Moda Italiana (National Chamber for ItalianFashion), where he personally followed the brand repositioning through aHeritage marketing strategy, and today he is a sales and marketing consultantfor various brands in Italy and abroad. Passionate about art and design, he isco-author with Andrea Balconi of ‘Modaterapia’ (Salani, 2013), and with PaoloLucci of ‘Brand Jamming’ (FrancoAngeli, 2014) and the more recent ‘FashionPuzzle’ (FrancoAngeli, 2015)。

  除了教学,史戴法诺。萨奇在策划、生产、市场、销售、授权和品牌合作领域有超过十五年的从业经验。他也是意大利时尚商会旗下Giuliano Fujiwara这一国际品牌的前任执行总裁,在此期间他参与了传统营销策略下的品牌重新定位,今天他仍然是许多意大利和国外企业的市场顾问。他对艺术和设计十分热爱,并与安德烈。巴克尼联合写作了《时尚疗法》(Salani出版社,2013),与保罗。露奇联合写作了《品牌障碍》(FrancoAngeli出版社,2014)和他们的最新作品《时尚之谜》(FrancoAngeli出版社,2015)。

  “My experience atAccademia del Lusso is definitely a positive one. There‘s an atmosphere that’sdistinctly modern and international, where professionalism and experimentationon the field are perfectly balanced, allowing students to be given not only atheoretical approach, but allowing them to discover occasions that give them animmediate practical response through seminars, visits, workweeks and more.Besides the courses in Fashion Buying and Visual Merchandising, I‘ve alsotaught Master’s Course students (both the Italian and English-taught Master‘s)on subjects that are specific to their academic pathway (Licensing, Branding,and Marketing Techniques)。”



  From the Friuli VeneziaGiulia Region of Italy, a classical education in foreign languages andliteratures. Once he‘s finished his studies in London and returned to Italy, hemoves from Udine to Milan to start a professional career in the world offashion. First a switchboard operator and next an assistant, he then becomes abooker at one of the most important modeling agencies in the world, The FashionModel Management, where he gets in contact not only with the world of castingand scouting but also, and especially, with the world of photography,publishing, and producing. Once he’s matured experience within the world ofmodeling agencies, he goes freelance and becomes a consultant for the companieshe‘s previously worked for, both acquiring new clients in video and photo productionand in event organisation, and as a personal image consultant.

  来自意大利弗留利 - 威尼斯朱利亚地区,这里以外国文学和语言教学而闻名。从伦敦毕业后他回到意大利,从乌迪内搬到米兰,开始了他在时尚界的职业生涯。从电话接线员开始,做过助理,然后成为了国际著名模特公司的模特预约人,在模特管理行业,他不仅与表演和星探圈建立了联系,还与摄影、出版、制片行业密切接触。在模特管理界积攒了丰富经验后,他以自由职业者的身份为之前的公司做顾问,并在影视制作方面结交了新客户,他同时也是一位私人形象顾问。

  His professional career pathis interwoven with many important names, working with international celebritieswithin prestigious contexts such as the Sanremo Music Festival and the VeniceInternational Film Festival, both in Italy and abroad. In 2014 he enters theworld of journalism as a columnist and Fashion Editor for various publications.Following a series of TV appearances from 2010-2014, in 2015 he lands on Raiuno(Italy‘s most watched national television channel), where he alternates chatand commenting with international guests with full makeovers. Among hiscollaborations as a consultant he creates press campaigns, calatogues,lookbooks etc. for a large quantity of businesses (Bugatti, Hydrogen, MichaelCoal, Alviero Martini and many others)。 At the same time as working as astylist and consultant, in 2014 he’s given the teaching post for FashionStyling and Image Consulting at Accademia del Lusso Milan.

  他的职业生涯与许多重要的名字相关联,比如国际著名的庆典活动:圣桑勒莫音乐节和威尼斯国际电影节,在意大利或国外他都参与其中。2014年他以专栏作家和时尚编辑的身份进入记者行业。在2010年到2014年间他多次参与电视台录制,在2015年他又作客RAI 意大利国家电视台第1频道,与国际嘉宾就美容和外观提升进行访谈。在他做顾问的合作企业中,他为许多公司(Bugatti、Hydrogen、Michael Coal、Alviero Martini等)创办了新闻办公室、编辑了产品目录和月刊杂志。作为造型师和形象顾问,自2014年开始他成为了卢索服装学院的一名老师,负责教授时尚造型和形象顾问课程。


  Famous marketingcommunication consultant, Alberto holds double degrees in ESCP‘s MarketingManagement Degree and Product Design Degree of California Art Center College ofDesign. He has 7-year education experience in university, and had cooperationin interior design with various studios in Milan, Boston, California, etc.


  He has excellentperformance on brand strategy and planning, and had been project consultant forsome international brands, such as Collistar, Nestle, etc. from 2000, hedevoted himself into fashion education circle, and became a brand marketing andpublic relations media professor in Polytechnic University of Milan andAccademia del Lusso.




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