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意大利卢索服装学院是一所专门培养服装设计、服装表演、时尚品牌管理、时尚造型领域重量级人物的意大利时尚与设计学院。主校区坐落于米兰时尚街区核心地带的米兰蒙特拿破仑大街。 意大利卢索服装学院的所有老师均为专业教师,在服装设计、服装表演、时尚品牌管理、时尚造型商业领域举足轻重

From the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region of Italy, a classical education in foreign languages and literatures. Once he’s finished his studies in London and returned to Italy, he moves from Udine to Milan to start a professional career in the world of fashion. First a switchboard operator and next an assistant, he then becomes a booker at one of the most important modeling agencies in the world, The Fashion Model Management, where he gets in contact not only with the world of casting and scouting but also, and especially, with the world of photography, publishing, and producing. Once he’s matured experience within the world of modeling agencies, he goes freelance and becomes a consultant for the companies he’s previously worked for, both acquiring new clients in video and photo production and in event organisation, and as a personal image consultant. 
来自意大利弗留利 - 威尼斯朱利亚地区,这里以外国文学和语言教学而闻名。从伦敦毕业后他回到意大利,从乌迪内搬到米兰,开始了他在时尚界的职业生涯。从电话接线员开始,做过助理,然后成为了国际著名模特公司的模特预约人,在模特管理行业,他不仅与表演和星探圈建立了联系,还与摄影、出版、制片行业密切接触。在模特管理界积攒了丰富经验后,他以自由职业者的身份为之前的公司做顾问,并在影视制作方面结交了新客户,他同时也是一位私人形象顾问。
His professional career path is interwoven with many important names, working with international celebrities within prestigious contexts such as the Sanremo Music Festival and the Venice International Film Festival, both in Italy and abroad. In 2014 he enters the world of journalism as a columnist and Fashion Editor for various publications. Following a series of TV appearances from 2010-2014, in 2015 he lands on Raiuno (Italy’s most watched national television channel), where he alternates chat and commenting with international guests with full makeovers. Among his collaborations as a consultant he creates press campaigns, calatogues, lookbooks etc. for a large quantity of businesses (Bugatti, Hydrogen, Michael Coal, Alviero Martini and many others). At the same time as working as a stylist and consultant, in 2014 he’s given the teaching post for Fashion Styling and Image Consulting at Accademia del Lusso Milan.
他的职业生涯与许多重要的名字相关联,比如国际著名的庆典活动:圣桑勒莫音乐节和威尼斯国际电影节,在意大利或国外他都参与其中。2014年他以专栏作家和时尚编辑的身份进入记者行业。在2010年到2014年间他多次参与电视台录制,在2015年他又作客RAI 意大利国家电视台第1频道,与国际嘉宾就美容和外观提升进行访谈。在他做顾问的合作企业中,他为许多公司(Bugatti、Hydrogen、 Michael Coal、Alviero Martini等)创办了新闻办公室、编辑了产品目录和月刊杂志。作为造型师和形象顾问,自2014年开始他成为了卢索服装学院的一名老师,负责教授时尚造型和形象顾问课程。

Raffaele Ferrante拉斐尔.费兰迪
Raffaele Ferrante works to facilitate the link between marketing & design, and has expertise both as a Brand Manager and Design Manager. His passion for design pushed him to deepen his interest in sectors such as fashion, sport, domestic appliances, furniture, furnishings and the automotive sector, both through research and through experience.
His unique vision for design and marketing was developed while coordinating designers, stylists, brand managers, product managers, project leaders, and other professionals, as well as by taking part in international trend trade fairs and events for multi-national groups.
For over ten years he has matured experience in trend research and analysis, strategic and analytical marketing analysis (market and product), giving briefings, and presenting drawings, projects, prototypes and samples. He has also been responsible for the standardization of collection development presentations both for internal inspection and for presenting to clients.
During his various experiences, he has witnessed the evolution of international design. It is his belief that design culture can be transferred in real time to offices across the world through modern technologies and communication systems.

Accademia del Lusso arranges excellent internships for its students to enter the field of applied fashion and fashion design. With this opportunity students take the first steps towards their future career.
Valentino, Prada, Fendi, Ralph Lauren, Salvatore Ferragamo, Bottega Veneta, LVMH, Hugo Boss, Vivienne Westwood, Ermenegildo Zegna, John Richmond, Krizia, L’Espresso, L’Oreal, Luxottica, Marina Rinaldi, Stefanel, Baci & Abbracci, OVS, +39 Manifacture, UPIM, 1st floor, AB&COM, Aeffe,
华伦天奴、普拉达、芬迪、拉夫·劳伦、萨尔瓦多·菲拉格慕、宝缇嘉、路易威登、雨果·波士、薇薇恩·韦斯特伍德、埃麦尼吉尔多·杰尼亚、约翰·里奇蒙德、克里琪亚、L’Espresso、欧莱雅、陆逊梯卡、玛瑞娜·瑞娜迪、史黛法诺、OVS、+39 Manifacture、乌庇姆、1st floor、AB&COM、Aeffe集团。

Ms. Angela 池雪老师
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